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The best shops, the latest fashions Central London is at the heart of Europe's largest metropolis with a population over 14 million. It is the world's number one location for culture - art, entertainment, fashion, music, restaurants, theatre and shopping. The range of shops and services in Central London cannot be matched.

BAGGED! at is your gateway to the information you need to get the most out of your shopping trips.

A Google search on 'Central London Shopping' returns 346,000 web site links. Our Information Directory, however, contains only the best web sites to help you plan your shopping trips in Central London.

Henry James, famous 
American Author With its high Google search ranking and high visitor numbers, BAGGED! is the perfect web site to advertise for new customers (see City advertising in Wikipedia, Geotargeting, Common uses, bullet point 9).

BAGGED! is run by a team of Londoners who know the shops in Central London inside out - this is your insiders shopping guide.



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