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The best shops, the latest fashions Central London is at the heart of Europe's largest metropolis with a population of over 12 million. It is the world's number one location for culture - art, entertainment, fashion, music, restaurants, theatre, shopping - and the range of specialist shops and services in Central London cannot be matched.

If you have already visited the world famous attractions but now want to experience hidden Central London then you have come to the right place. CentralLondon.INFO is your gateway to the information you need in order to get more out of your visit - it's where Central London is located on the internet.

A Google search on 'Central London' returns 27 million links to websites that are nearly all irrelevant to you, a visitor to Central London. Our Information Directory, however, contains the best 100 websites for visitors interested in hidden Central London.

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American Author See what's happening right now in Central London in our Twitter panel and contribute by tweeting with the words "central london" somewhere in your 140 characters.

Post a question/message in Bar West1 Central London's biggest online bar and start a conversation . . . . and then meetup . . . .

With its No. 1 Google ranking for keyword search 'info london' and because Central London is a vibrant and exhilirating place we intend using advertising revenue (see City advertising in Wikipedia, Geotargeting, Common uses, bullet point 8) to resource the expansion of CentralLondon.INFO.

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